Monday, January 31, 2011

ScienceBlogs Channel : Humanities & Social Science

ScienceBlogs Channel : Humanities & Social Science

How to kill a monkey [Greg Laden's Blog]

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 04:50 AM PST

An Efe (Pygmy) man making poison arrows for use in killing monkeys.


Ituri Forest, Zaire. Photograph Copyrighted 1986 Greg Laden

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Everyone's talking about it [Oscillator]

Posted: 30 Jan 2011 07:29 AM PST

All the science blogs are talking about it. Where are all the female science bloggers? The question itself and the long lists of great bloggers who happen to be female bring up a lot of interesting questions about what makes a good blog, what is best for blog (self-)promotion, who is in what science blogging clique, what it means to write about "women's issues," and what it means to be a woman in science. But what these lists (and the blogs that they're on) highlight even more is just how homogeneous the community can be: Where are the non-white science bloggers? Where are the LGBTIQ science bloggers? Where are the science bloggers with disabilities? Where are the non-western science bloggers? What would such different voices bring to the culture of science and science communication? How different would science, science education, and science blogs be if we all were more aware of our positions of privilege, whether based on gender, race, orientation, age, ability, economic status, or whatever else? I know these questions have been asked many times before, but maybe it's time to ask again.

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